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Hello and welcome to Custom Translation ("カスタム翻訳" in Japanese) which is the business name for my unique translation services. 'Custom' highlights the individual approach applied to each translation. I'm Tirzah Yanchyshyn; although every 'custom translation' is certified using my Chinese name "楊愛珊". Besides the joy of creating a memorable brand as a translator, the freedom and challenge of entrepreneurship has always intrigued me. Consequently my journey as a freelance translator began in 2017.

Beyond keen interest, living in multilingual environments has inevitably created a need for general and legal translation. Since language mastery requires lifelong learning, refining my communication skills in English is just as necessary as honing non-native languages. What's most rewarding is that translation gives insight into different perspectives, cultures and opens the door to uncommon friendships. Each project is therefore precious experience. So what should you expect as a client? Here is how a translation order would normally be processed by Custom Translation:


1) A translation order may be cancelled at any
time before delivery of the first complete draft.
Full payment is due in the case of late cancellation.

2) Invoices totalling less than US$200 may be paid
in cash. Alternatively, long-term clients may prefer
prepayments of larger amounts via bank wire
transfer to be credited to their accounts.

You may be wondering, "How could you possibly be able to translate into and out of seven languages?" The answer, for me at least, is in constant practice and prioritizing the languages I work with. Here is a quick assessment of my current aptitude. The following list is arranged according to length of study (longest-->shortest):

(1) English - native fluency; extensive and diverse writing/speaking experience; largest vocabulary
(2) French - 8.5 years formal education; reading/writing skills higher than speaking/listening skills
(3) Japanese - 1 year formal education; self-study since 2010; progress through immersion (work contacts; travel)
(4) Russian - self-study since 2015; progress through immersion (marriage to native speaker; work contacts)
(5) Mandarin (Traditional) - self-study since 2016; progress through immersion (living and working in Taiwan and Hong Kong)
(6) Austrian German - self-study since 2017; basic knowledge of grammar; reading skill is strongest
(7) Catalan - self-study since 2017; basic knowledge of grammar; reading skill is strongest

The languages I use most frequently are the ones in which I am most skilful. Therefore the above diagnostic will change depending on practical usage. Currently I communicate in Japanese much more than French which is why I focus on translating into and out of Japanese and English texts. Taking my experience (or lack thereof) into account, I offer 22 standard language pairs, though it's technically possible to offer up to 42 combinations! The 22 standard combinations are further grouped into general translation and legal translation. Here is the visual snapshot:

Legal Translation (10 standard pairs) 
Japanese <- -> English | French | German | Catalan | Russian 
General Translation (12 standard pairs) 
English <- -> Japanese | Traditional Chinese | French | German | Catalan | Russian 

Non-standard language combinations (for example: German --> Russian) are examined carefully to determine if the translated text will be of high quality. If there are doubts, the job will be refused. This method of prioritizing working languages is also reflected in Custom Translation rates, where fees are also ranked according to my ability to render an excellent translation.

That's my aim: excellence! While that entails a long road for any translator, I'll do my best to produce perfection every time. Thank you so much for considering Custom Translation. It would be an honour to bridge your language gaps.

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